Protect your family and your vehicle with the Pulsar!  Pulsar in action - Long Pulse Mode Pulsar in action - Short Pulse Mode Pulsar Customer’s Custom Mazda Install - Thanks Nathan! Pulsar in action - Short Pulse Mode with SmartPulse enabled ,
Pulsar Features: SmartPulse™ Technology (user selectable) High Current Capability:  supports up to 10 amps Supports LED or Incandescent brake lights (older and newer cars) Reverse Polarity Protection circuit “Long” or “Short” user selectable pulse duration settings Screw Terminals for easier in-line wiring installation (no messy/custom wire harnesses required) Silent Operation:  makes no “annoying” clicking sounds Lead Free (eco-friendly) Includes 12” wire harness extension kit Designed in the USA Compact Size: 2” x ½” x 3/8” (L x W x H) The Pulsar is an incredible value: investing in a Pulsar can help prevent hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of vehicle (or physical) damage caused by today’s cell phone crazed distracted drivers.  Human nature shows that we pay attention to things that flash and tend to ignore things that don’t which is why emergency vehicles always use “pulsing” lights.  Now with the Pulsar,  your third brake light will do some “Pulsing” of its own:  effectively getting distracted drivers to finally pay attention thus reducing the risk of rear-end collisions when slowing down! Upgrading your ride with a Third Brake Light Pulsar is an easy and affordable way to instantly improve passenger safety on ANY motorized vehicle without breaking the bank!
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